Flag Worship: A Patriot’s False Idol

flagYouTube user Anarchris, whose great video introduction to Anarchy was recently featured on TA here, has offered some interesting thoughts on those who revere the stars and stripes as if it were a holy relic.

“I, like everybody else in this country, had it beat into my brain that this piece of fabric represents the government,” he says. “For you, it may represent the Rocky mountains or the Mississippi river. Or it may represent baseball and apple pie, and sunny days in Alabama.”

“But for me personally, I take the flag to represent exactly what I was told it represented- every single school day for twelve years”, he goes on. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands- that means the government. And I don’t like the government.”

The #EricSheppardChallenge asks Americans to stamp or dance on their flags, in support of a Valdosta State University student called Eric who did this in protest at the University’s decision to brand him ‘armed and dangerous’ after discovering a gun registered to him in a backpack on campus. As ‘Anarchris’ points out, Sheppard himself doesn’t seem like anyone worthy of supporting, but his character is kind of irrelevant here.

I understand not wanting to show solidarity with this kid and speaking out against his supporters,” he says. “But that really isn’t what’s upsetting people. What upsets people, as it always does, is the so-called ‘disrespecting’ of the American flag. This is the only thing that shouldn’t bother you.” Anarchris goes on to point out the similarities between flag-worship and religious idolatry. Ascribing holiness to a piece of patterned fabric is ridiculous, he argues. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

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