If You’re Feeling Sad About The State Of The World, Listen To These Wise Words From Eisenstein…

‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible’ is a short film featuring Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics and The Ascent of Humanity. Produced by Sustainable Human and with stunning direction by Ian MacKenzie, it is an incredibly sad, yet hopeful, video.

Filmed at dusk on a beautiful Scottish beach, Eisenstein is captured in a moment of grief and reflection. The familiar story of the past is crumbling, while the new story has yet to arrive. In a time of social and ecological crisis, what can we as individuals do in this space between? “In order to find your way, you must get lost,” Eisenstein advises, pointing out: “There’s a vast territory for what we’re leaving behind, and where we want to go. We don’t have any maps for that journey.”

Eisenstein has some wise words to say about the dire state of the modern world, touching on many issues such as the media‘s role in society and the destructive military-industrial complex. He wonders philosophically how humans can treat each other so badly (could the perpetrators also be victims?).

But here’s the good news: “I think the ideological core of our civilization is hollowing out.” Good news, because we can fill this void with something more sustainable, something more profound. But Einsenstein tells us to bear this in mind: “A movement is not something one can create. A movement creates us.”

This is a very thought-provoking, touching and soothing film, despite the tragic subject matter of a dying biosphere. Please consider sharing, and let us know if you agree with Eisenstein in the comments.

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