Improve Your Productivity With These 3 Innovative Ideas


In the ten months of 2020, everything has changed– home life to work life and everything in between. The pandemic has impacted virtually every single person on our planet in some way. It’s forced people to be flexible and adapt to continually changing situations. For most people, their work schedules have completely changed from what they were even just eight months ago. Finding new ways to be productive in whatever environment your working in can be difficult. Maybe you’ve tried many different tactics and don’t seem to be making much progress or feel burnt out. It’s time to improve your productivity with these three innovative ideas:

1. Play Online Games

Believe it or not, taking your mind off your to-do list and taking a break can help you be more productive in the long run. Online gaming, for example, can be used as stress relief throughout the workday. In a recent survey of online gamers, 54 percent of participants admit to playing online games at work. Fortunately, games are engaging and can provide a virtual confidence boost to foster productivity in other areas. Of course, you’ll want to set a time limit on your phone or computer to alert you when your scheduled time is up. Otherwise, you might just play all day and then your work productivity goes out the window! There are endless online games to choose from, whether it’s a quick game of Tetris, you take it old school with The Oregon Trail or something sports-related and competitive like FIFA.

2. Use Technology to Benefit You

Many see technology as the ultimate distraction from being productive. We have endless notifications and alerts from our devices – sometimes 24 hours a day. What’s important is that you explore all of your options (literally at your fingertips) and optimize your devices to work smarter for you. Whether that’s downloading an organizational or calendar app to keep you on task, turning on “do not disturb” during important productivity windows, or finding the best playlist on Spotify that helps you stay focused.

Also, get strategic about who you’re talking to throughout the day. If you have a group chat on your phone that tends to be distracting but you need your phone to receive messages from coworkers on Slack, it’s time to silence the group chat or turn on “do not disturb”. (It would also be important to let your coworkers know you’ll only be using Slack for work communication; in case someone tries to reach you via iMessage). There are endless ways to organize your devices, but you just have to start somewhere to see what works and what doesn’t.

3. Take More Time Off

It sounds counter-intuitive, but actually taking a break and taking time away from work fosters more productivity when you return to the office—even if it’s your home office. Burn out is real. Especially this year when the uncertainty of everything is weighing heavy on people’s emotional wellbeing. It can be hard to focus and be productive at work when there are so many things going on not only out in the world but in our own families and home life.

If you work in an industry that has survived the pandemic, business might be booming for you and you’ve had your head down for months working extremely hard. Or maybe you work from home so it’s been really tough to separate “office life” and “home life”. It’s time to use some of your vacation days and take time off. Even if that means you don’t actually travel anywhere, but you spend time with your loved ones. This type of mental and emotional reset is good for your productivity and will benefit your organization when you return in numerous ways.

When it comes to productivity, these hacks can really make a difference in your output. Don’t be afraid to continue to refine your productivity strategies if something isn’t working. If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, being flexible is extremely important in all areas of life.






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