In Honor Of Eugenia Duke, Community Makes Ten Thousand Sandwiches In A Day For The Needy


A community from South Carolina community recently banded together and made a total of 10,000 sandwiches in just a day. These sandwiches were to be distributed to local food banks, schools, soup kitchens, and shelters to feed those who are in dire need of help.

The community had managed to gather a total of 200 volunteers from Greenville. This move was made to honor the wonderful legacy of Eugenia Duke. She was a local woman who threw out norm 100 years ago and decided to start her very own business in order to lend support to soldiers during World War I.

This amazing story happened in 1917. Eugenia and her daughter Martha started to sell homemade sandwiches for 10 cents each at Army canteens in order to get some extra cash to help support their family in Greenville during the war.

The most popular among her sandwiches was the pimento cheese, bacon, and mayonnaise. The soldiers loved it so much that they were always requesting for it. These men were stationed at nearby place called Camp Sevier. This was when she decided to bottle her homemade mayo after four years because of its growing popularity.

The famous bottled good was called Her Duke’s Mayonnaise and this became a much loved condiment that is still available today. In fact, you can see these in grocery shelves all over the United States

For the charity event, the volunteers made use of roughly one ton of homemade pimento and cheddar cheese salad. They then assembled a total of 10,000 sandwiches inside the historic pavilion in the downtown area. They chose this because this was the exact location of the original Duke’s Mayonnaise factory.


Eugenia showed kindness when the world needed it most and they simply followed in her footsteps. Back then, she was famous for making 10,000 sandwiches in just a day just to show support to the soldiers as they fought the war.

The event had the entire community helping out and an organization called Meals on Wheels delivered these sandwiches. Aside from them, they also had Loaves & Fishes doing the distribution of the food, with Duke’s providing 100 gallons of its much loved mayo sauce. There were also other local hospitality companies who helped by contributing equipment and manpower to VisitGreenvilleSC, the group who organized the entire operation.

The group made sure to follow Eugenia’s original recipe of BPT (Bacon, Pimento Cheese, and Tomato Sandwich). This required 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese, 1 cup shredded white cheddar cheese, a third cup of mayonnaise, a fourth cup of diced tomatoes, a fourth cup diced sweet red peppers, and a fourth cup of bacon bits.

The philanthropic community then formed assembly lines as they worked enthusiastically albeit nonstop for six straight hours. They final hit the 10,000- goal and were able to provide thousands of Greenvillians with the gourmet sandwiches especially during the season of giving. They honored one of America’s earliest female entrepreneurs along the way and it was considered a success.


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