7 Incredible Cold Cases Solved Years Later

Source: True Activist Matt Sison

There is nothing that people love more than a great mystery, more so when they actually get to the bottom of things. In these particular cold cases, it would take investigators years to figure out what had happened during each crime, or more over who was at fault. But as fate would have it, at least they would eventually be solved, bringing closure to many.

See how these 7 unique cases were finally brought to justice, thankfully allowing the families of their victims the get their much needed piece of mind.

The Mysterious Case Of Martha Jean Lambert

Source: http://cdn.lifedaily.com/

It had been on November 27, 1985 in St. Augustine, Florida when the lovely yet feisty 12-year old Martha Jean Lambert had reportedly gone missing. While her home life was said to not exactly be ideal, she and her brother David would often spend time out of the house, wanting to be anywhere but caught in the middle of their parents’ fights. But while David would return later on that day, young Martha never made it back home.

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