Indonesian Authorities Offer Reward To Whoever Can Get A Tire Off A Crocodile’s Neck


Authorities in Indonesia are offering a reward to whoever can free a crocodile from a tire that has been stuck around its neck for the last couple of years. 

This 13-foot-long crocodile has a motorcycle tire around its neck for already more than three years, and the officials are asking experienced conservationists to help the poor reptile get it off its neck.

Although there is no exact amount for the reward, officials did mention that: “A reward will be given to anyone who can release the hapless reptile.”


Due to the lack of people in Central Sulawesi’s natural Resources Conservation Office that have had experience and training to handle crocodiles, they have been forced to turn to the public for help. 

This crocodile that is considered an endangered species has gone through so many obstacles in its life, while having that tire stuck on its neck – such as surviving tsunamis and earthquakes that have destroyed the city of Palu. 

Despite all these disasters in recent years, the tire refuses to budge and remains in the beast’s neck as it continues to grow, which leads to the worry and risk of suffocation. 

In 2018, local animal whisperer Muhammad Panji, or otherwise known as Panji the Adventurer already tried his luck in getting the tire out, but was unsuccessful. 

Around the same time that year, the conservation office tried to lure the crocodile to them with hopes of getting the tire out themselves. They set up a trap to capture the animal – of which it successfully evaded. 




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