Interesting Bee Therapy Retreat Opens In Scotland, Using Vibrations And Scent Of Honey For Healing


Scotland is elated at the inauguration of its very own “bee therapy” retreat, marking a significant milestone in the United Kingdom.

Taking inspiration from the well-established Apipods that are quite popular in Eastern Europe, these wooden huts adorned with beehives on their exteriors are an innovative concept that has gained major popularity in such countries as Ukraine ad Slovenia. That’s because they believe that the scent of honey and the gentle vibrations emitted by bees have therapeutic effects on humans, and these regions have long utilized these elements to treat respiratory conditions.

Captivated by the serenity and rejuvenating qualities of this incredibly unique experience during a visit to Slovenia, Charlotte Blacker, a business owner who works closely with the Monachyle Mhor hotel, decided to bring this exceptional relaxation opportunity back to the UK. Thankfully, the hotel’s owner and chef, Tom Lewis, agreed with her idea.

Lewis shared with SWNS news service, “We absolutely love the idea of working in harmony with the bees to create this unique experience.”

Nestled amidst a tranquil wooded glade, the apipod has been ingeniously designed to accommodate six beehives, housing a thriving community of at least 60,000 honey bees within the compartments located beneath the wooden floors. Because they have their very own exclusive entrance, these honey bees not only move around freely, but they do not prove a threat to the human guests living above them.


Within the apipod, guests can indulge in a 45-minute session of relaxation or even find solace in peaceful slumber on two cozy beds enveloped in sheepskin covers. Positioned directly above the hives, these beds allow guests to experience the subtle yet invigorating micro-vibrations resonating through their bodies, provided by the thousands of bees, unbeknownst to these resourceful and busy-winged insects.


Blacker explains, “There’s loads of therapeutic value with bees. The notes they buzz in help out nervous system. There are trials with people with PTSD.”

Incredibly, the hotel – located in Crieff, Perthshire – had quickly filled up its bookings all throughout June, which was the same month it was launched.

“We have the perfect spot to do it. The hotel is in a wilderness with freshwater lochs. Everyone has really embraced it. You de-stress listening to the sounds of the bees going about their daily life, surrounded by the aromas of honey, propolis, nectar and pollen,” she adds.

“The vibrations caused by bees’ wings also have a positive energizing effect, which calms and relaxes. Why not spend the day immersed in nature, wild swimming, hiking, and relaxing over lunch before being lulled to sleep by the gentle vibration of thousands of tiny wing beats enveloped in the heavenly scent of warm honey from the hives beneath you?” suggests Blecker.

For those seeking this extraordinary encounter, each 45-minute session is priced at £80 for single use, which is a little more than $100, and £120 for two people, around $157 or so. The experience includes a delightful assortment of freshly picked lemon balm tea from the hotel’s kitchen garden, accompanied by raw honey on Mena bread, complemented by a delectable snack bar crafted by Charlotte’s health food company, Herb Majesty.

According to Mr. Lewis, it has been a tough few years for the hospitality industry, but “always doing things differently has been a key for survival.”

“The apipod fits with what we already do here, which is to provide our guests with great food, warm hospitality and unforgettable memories,” he adds.


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