Iranian Women Are Neither Weak Nor Meek, And These 15+ Images Prove Just That

Credit: Bored Panda/TheTehranTimes

Did you know? February 1st is officially World Hijab Day. The initiative exists to celebrate what the hijab stands for and, most importantly, women’s ability to choose when and if they wear one. World Hijab Day was launched in 2013 and every year since has inspired women of various religious backgrounds to don a hijab to show solidarity with their Muslim sisters.

The holiday is particularly special because there is plenty of controversy regarding hijab law in Iran. Western media especially tends to depict women in the Middle East to be meek and powerless. While women in countries like Saudi Arabia don’t have the same rights as men – yet, the women are anything but sad and fragile. In fact, many feel empowered and are working toward progressive change.

To celebrate the fact that many Iranian women don’t fit the traditional stereotype of what some have been taught to believe, we’re sharing a compilation of fashionable outfits Iranian woman have worn on the streets. Colorful, fierce, and proud, the following women do not fit the typical stereotype of what women who wear the hijab or religious purposes look like. As Bored Panda points out, many of the photos come from The Tehran Times, which is a street style blog in Iran that aims to show the creativity and style of young Iranian women.



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Credit: The Tehran Times


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Credit: The Tehran Times


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Credit: The Tehran Times


Credit: The Tehran Times

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