It’s Been 8 Years… This Is What The Indonesian Smoking Baby Looks Like Today

Credit: Disclose.TV

In 2010, a controversial image of a 2-year-old Indonesian baby smoking cigarettes made rounds on the internet. As might be expected, it attracted plenty of criticism. Mainly, people couldn’t understand how a young toddler could smoke upwards of 40 cigarettes a day!

Shortly after the toddler’s unbecoming childhood habits gained worldwide attention, the Indonesian government sought him out and entered him into a rehabilitation program to help him quit cigarettes. The government even launched a campaign designed to put an end to childhood smoking to combat some of the negative press.

The boy, named Aldi Rizal, did experience success with the program, but his story doesn’t end there. In fact, he ended up trading one bad habit for another and developed an addiction to junk food. 

The photo below reveals Rizal at his heaviest weight.

Credit: Disclose.TV
Credit: Disclose.TV

Luckily, the strong-willed kid decided to take control of his own life. Disclose.TV reports that he began eating right and exercising regularly. In many ways, he’s healthier now than he’s ever been before.

Credit: Disclose.TV
Credit: Disclose.TV

Not only is Rizal’s journey inspiring for the average individual, it’s motivational fodder for those who have been striving to rid themselves of life-shortening habits for years. If he can do it, you can, too.

Below is a video of Aldi when he first entered rehab at two years old.

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