James Cameron Built A Giant Solar Garden For His Wife’s Sustainable School

Credit: YouTube / SunFlowerTL1

James Cameron, the acclaimed film director, gave his wife a ‘bouquet’ of flowers, but not the normal flowers you find at the local supermarket. It is a flower garden consisting of five big photovoltaic Sun Flowers that will generate electricity for Suzy Amis Cameron’s sustainable school called MUSE School.

“My incredible husband really knows how to give a girl a bouquet of flowers,” Suzy Amis-Cameron said during the unveiling ceremony.

These solar bulbs are equipped with 24 solar panels, 14 ‘petals’ on the outside and 10 panels in the middle and move with the sun just like actual sunflowers do. According to inhabitots.com, this solar-powered garden will offset the site’s power usage by 75% to 90%.

Credit: Stefanie Keenan, courtesy of MUSE School

It took Cameron three years to design these solar flowers, but it was all worth it. It will play a big part in providing the students of MUSE School with an environmentally responsible education.

We also recently reported on a new solar plant that will be shaped in a heart to ‘Show love for the planet’.  The ‘Heart of New Caledonia’ solar power plant will be able to generate enough electricity for 750 homes, and more. What better way is there to express love for the Earth than to install a solar power plant in the shape of a heart?

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