Job Hunting Man Passes Out Resumes On The Street – Goes Viral And Gets Hundreds Of Job Offers


For many of us, it is not easy to get a new job, especially after being laid-off. We go back to sending out several resumes hoping that at least one would connect. Sometimes we aren’t even given the chance of an initial interview, often receiving rejections one after another, that is, if they even bother to reply.

But for one man in Phoenix, Arizona, going the extra mile was literally his only option. After unsuccessful attempts to find work after a month since he got laid-off, 30 year old Patrick Hoagland stood by the side of a road under the hot sun with a sign that said “PLEASE TAKE A RESUME-LAID OFF-LOOKING FOR A JOB.” Thanks to a lady who took a photo of him and got one of his many resume handouts, he soon had hundreds of job offers from employers who were inspired by his actions and willingness to do all  he could to land a job, after her posts on her social media pages.

Source: Patrick Hoagland

The lady was Melissa DiGianfilippo, a co-owner of a Phoenix-based marketing firm, Serendipit Consulting. “I gestured for him to come over, grabbed his resume, and the light changed, so I had no time to talk to him,” she told KPHO news. She explained what caught her eye in the resume was his main objective of “being able to provide a better life for his family,” and the fact that he was not asking for a handout, but for people to consider him for a job.

Hoagland explains why he stood at a side road after losing his job, hoping to pass on resumes to anybody willing to take them. “It caught me by surprise. And after that, I had some other stresses in life going on, and I really needed to get a job, so I chose to stand on the corner with a sign.”

DiGianfilippo said “I just thought, I have a wide network so I’ll post it on social media and see what happens and it was crazy. It blew up.” Just two days after the posts, Hoagland received hundreds of employment opportunities from employers across the region.


“It was crazy. It was so hard to navigate my phone for a little bit, but I received so many great offers. I received offers from companies that wouldn’t hire you without experience, but because they saw my determination, they offered me a position without even an interview,” Hoagland explained. Eventually he chose to work for a concrete-grinding company but thanks all those that reached out to him with offers. Seems the job he took was exactly meant for him as he had to do some pavement grinding to look for a job.

His story has inspired many who are also struggling to look for a job. It exemplifies how determination and the willingness to do whatever is needed to achieve your objective can help save the day. Preferably with a little luck, and a fairy godmother with a wide social media network.


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