K-9 Spots Abandoned Puppies While On The Job And Does The Sweetest Thing

Credit: Georgia Department of Public Safety

The K-9s that aid law enforcement on a daily basis are truly amazing animals, as they show both extreme professionalism while also being very compassionate while working. These incredibly intelligent dogs typically have a keen sense of each situation and how to handle it, and that was exactly what Tek the German Shepherd did when he and his human partner, Trooper Jordan Ennis, came across some abandoned puppies.

It was a regular Monday workday for the pair when they decided to head out to a known dumping ground for stolen cars to see if they could locate any cars or catch someone in the act. They never expected to come across an adorable trio of puppies waiting for them.

“[Ennis] was driving in an abandoned subdivision when he saw three puppies that had been dumped in a briar patch,” the Georgia Department of Public Safety said in a post on Facebook.

Credit: Georgia Department of Public Safety

Ennis pulled over and immediately knew that these puppies had been dumped there. Their sad faces said it all, as they likely watched what they thought was their human drive away without them, never to see their mother again. Luckily, the puppies were all old enough to live on their own, and Ennis decided to bring them to Headquarters.

As he loaded them up, Tek moved aside for the newcomers and even stayed with each one as they were individually loaded. He provided some comfort to the babies, who just as easily could have found their end in that horrible dumping ground. On their ride to Headquarters, the puppies turned to him for support and he assured them that everything would be all right by remaining confident and relaxed on the drive.

Credit: Georgia Department of Public Safety

Not surprisingly, as soon as the puppies were brought in, they found homes. In the Facebook post, they said,

“[Ennis] and his K-9, Tek, brought the puppies to Headquarters where they were all promptly adopted. A Trooper never knows what he may encounter on a shift, but a day with puppies is a good day.”

Though, of course, it isn’t actually a “good day” when any animal is abandoned. It’s good because everyone got to interact with the puppies and they all found forever homes, where they will never be abandoned again. The person who dumped the puppies has yet to be found.

Sadly, these instances of abandonment happen all too often, but this can serve as a reminder that it is just as easy to leave unwanted animals in front of a shelter if you don’t feel you have the time to properly surrender them, rather than just leaving them where they may never be found. The extra effort can go a long way.


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