Kansas Man Arrested For Growing Cannabis To Control His Seizures

He was arrested for growing one marijuana plant which he used to make cannabis oil to control his seizures. Reportedly, it is the only "medicine" he's found that benefits his condition.

Credit: KSNT News

Despite the U.S. National Cancer Institute listing cannabis as a potential “cure” for cancer on its website, despite mounds of anecdotal evidence proving components of the cannabis plant can alleviate symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, seizures and epilepsy (among more), and despite the fact that 0 people have died from using the herb, it is still outlawed in most U.S. states and in many countries around the world.

Decriminalizing the medicinal and recreational use of the herb would not only boost economies in every territory it is made legal in, overcrowding of jails and courts could be prevented by removing misdemeanor and felony cases. As it is, use of the herb is still prohibited in many locations, including Kansas state. Because of this, a man who was growing the plant to help alleviate symptoms of epilepsy was recently arrested. KSN reports that Larry Burgess is well aware that it is illegal to use marijuana or any of its byproducts in Kansas, but decided to grow the plant regardless because it is “the only thing that keeps him from debilitating seizures.”

Burgess, who lives in Fredonia, Kansas, was found out on Tuesday while preparing dinner for his family. Reportedly, Wilson County Sheriff’s deputies surrounded his home with their weapons drawn.

“They seized my cannabis medication and other items I had here for the cannabis use,” said Burgess.

Burgess was growing only one plant in his home and was using it to create cannabis oil as it is the only “medicine” he’s found that improves his non-epileptic seizures. He says that without cannabis oil, his seizure quickly return. That’s exactly what happened when he was taken into custody.

“I had two seizures, the first one they took me to the hospital, the second one the following morning,” Burgess explained, “I wasn’t able to get any medical help for my seizure. It was pretty scary to be honest.”

Besides being arrested for possession of marijuana, Burgess has had no other run-in with the law. Both he and his wife knew they were taking a risk, but felt desperate. The Kansas resident stated:

“It was a chance decision that we took as a family and we were willing to take the chances so I could live a productive life.”

Every three to four months, Burgess and his wife travel to Colorado. Their eventual goal is to move to the state after their son finishes high school. If Burgess is put on probation for his felony charges, however, that plan will not materialize. Because trips to the state were becoming too expensive, he and his wife began growing a plant in their home. According to Burgess’ wife, the family was honest with the community about their use of cannabis. She believes this is why they were targeted. 

“Instead of trying to deal with unsavory characters or actual criminals, I decided to start making it myself,” Burgess said. “No matter what happens, I will have this on my record and will be considered a criminal.”

Next Thursday, Burgess will appear in court to face six counts, including possession and manufacture of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute, and possession of paraphernalia. He and his family were willing to risk everything to grow cannabis as, without the medicinal compound, Burgess would experience two to three seizures a day. With cannabis, Burgess might experience two to three seizures per week.

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