Kind Uber Driver Returns Life Savings To Newly Emigrated Man [Watch]

Credit: ABC 11 News
Credit: ABC 11 News

It’s not easy to start over in life, especially when you’re relocating to a new country and have limited funds. But this Ukranian emigrant was optimistic about the prospect of moving to the U.S., which is why he sold his business and boarded a plane to Chicago.

ABC 11 reports that upon arriving, the man called on an Uber, a popular ride-sharing service, to take him to Chicago, Illinois. Lucky for him, a man named Jose Figueroa was his driver.

Once he made it to his destination, the newly emigrated man forgot to double check if his wallet – which contained $3,000, his entire life savings – was on him. The ordeal could have ended disastrously, but luckily, his driver did the right thing. Upon finding the cash, Figueroa flipped his car around returned the money to the man.

When the man’s sister saw his arrival, she reportedly burst into tears. For Jose’s good deed, he was invited to dinner and even received $100 as a takeaway.

$3,000 is a lot of money. Undoubtedly, Figueroa was tempted to keep it. Fortunately, he decided to be a standout activist and prove that good people do exist in this world.

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