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Once you have a CDL license and can handle a semi-truck and other vehicles as per your job requirement, you must find good-paying employment to enjoy the open road. Even drivers with considerable experience behind the wheel might find it challenging to find reliable work because competition can often be fierce.

Fortunately, there are plenty of the highest paid CDL jobs for every driver in the industry, and you can pick the one most suited for your specific skill set. Refer to the following list of the most paying ones you can consider in the trucking industry.


  • Private fleet trucker

Private fleet trucking refers to jobs wherein you drive for an individual or business. It typically involves working for larger companies, such as big box stores or major corporations like Wal-Mart. Although it can be harder to hire a private company than a public one, particularly if they are only hiring drivers with experience with their equipment or specific load, it pays exceptionally well if you qualify.


  • Hazmat hauler

The term hazmat is a well-known acronym for “hazardous materials”, which must be transported or stored in specific ways because they could be dangerous to the environment or humans. It could also damage other cargo in the shipment if not correctly handled. Flammable liquids such as gasoline and gasses like propane fall into this category.

Because of these restrictions, hazmat drivers have more training requirements than other types of truckers, including both classroom education and hands-on training at a certified facility. Since these jobs pay more than regular driving jobs, there are also stricter regulations for who can do them due to their different requirements.


  • Oversized load hauler

An oversized load hauler is one of the highest-paying jobs on the list for several reasons. For one, it requires that drivers handle heavy machinery and anything else over eight and a half feet across various distances. Also, you will need to have your truck equipped with special equipment and be able to carry a load that is longer or taller than usual.

Not all trucks are allowed on long-distance trucking routes, but those who qualify will usually get paid better than average. So, if you have extensive experience and have been trained correctly, you can get a job in this sought-after industry.


  • Tanker Hauler

These professionals are responsible for hauling liquid chemicals, fuels, and other hazardous materials with exceptional care. A tanker trucker must have a hazmat endorsement on their license besides the required training. They must also be able to operate tanker valves safely for delivery (loading and unloading cargo). Finally, they must also be trained in all aspects of spill control to keep themselves and others safe during daily loading and unloading operations.


Use an online expert

There are many highest paid CDL jobs for drivers who want to earn more. The first step is knowing the qualifications to get these assignments from reliable online sources run by legitimate, experienced trucking experts. They can tell you what salaries are paid by companies like Epes Transport, GP Transco, and Hogan Transportation, allowing you to make an informed choice. Lastly, on these reputable websites, you can find details on how to get a license, what school to choose, and other vital trucking-related information.

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