Kristen Bell Calls Out Workplace Discrimination In Humorous New Video [Watch]

Kristen Bell Calls Out Workplace Discrimination In Humorous New Video [Watch]


Thanks to The Huffington Post, two big topics – gender inequality and outsourcing – are, once again, at the forefront of attention. In the first video produced by Celebs Have Issues, Kristen Bell satirically explains why women are the perfect candidates for new jobs.

The star of Frozen doesn’t commend women for being able to multitask or take initiative on challenging projects. Instead, she draws attention to the fact that women are paid, on average, 77 cents to every dollar a man makes for doing the exact same job. The economical move is called Pinksourcing, and Bell argues that it’s a ‘great’ way for companies to “maximize their output while cutting back on costs.”

The actress states:

“We have the cheapest and best workforce right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A—women!”

The video aims to draw attention to the ridiculous discrimination women constantly face in the workplace. In addition to being paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same work, women are often (illegally) denied access to birth control without a copay by their employers. Meanwhile, Viagra is completely covered.

The video concludes by highlighting the terrible stereotype that has impeded many women’s professional careers:

“Remember, women don’t want to be working anyway,” says Bell. “They’d rather be home taking care of the family while their husband gets to make life choices and follow his dreams and play fantasy football.”

If you believe women should be afforded the same opportunities and rights as men for doing the same work, please share this video and comment your thoughts below!

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