Little Black Kitten Gets A Second Chance At Life And Now Nurses Other Animals Back To Health


Nobody can get enough of reading heart-warming tales, especially when it’s about pets. This is the sweetest story about Rademenes, a little black kitten. This small warrior miraculously survived an upper-respiratory infection that almost took its life. 

After finding out about this serious sickness, the cat was brought to an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland to finally undergo euthanasia and put him out of his misery. Nobody thought that he would ever heal again! Luckily, he was able to beat the infection and was given a second chance at life, or a ninth chance – if you are counting in cat’s lives. 

Today, Rademenes is still living at the shelter, but no longer as a sick and dying patient. Today, this amazing animal is now helping other animals in the shelter. 


According to the staff members, Rademenes acts like their full-time nurse by taking care of the other injured animals. How does he care for them? He gives them tender loving care and comforts them when they are feeling down and weak. 

You’ll see him roam around the shelter cuddling the other sick animals, especially those that have undergone surgeries and are recuperating from it. The ‘cat nurse’ shows his care for them by cleaning the ears of its “patients.” 

Cats and dogs have this magical talent of sensing someone else’s pain or aches. Have you ever been sad, feeling sick or depressed and your pet goes near you to cuddle you and just spend time with you? Trust their animal instinct, and enjoy their cuddles and attention because they can sense these things. 



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