Londoners Celebrate World Meditation Day At the Top Of Their Most Iconic Building


The British had the excellent idea of internationally celebrating the World Meditation Day last May 21, 2019. Located in the middle of the city’s financial district, this live and guided event was hosted by Beeja Meditation at the top floor of London’s most iconic building, the ‘Gherkin.’

“So we’ve chosen the Gherkin because, A, it’s an iconic building in the heart of London, you know. It’s right in the city, in the place where you might think meditation is the least applicable.” Meditation leader Will Williams told Reuters UK. “And secondly we are in this beautiful space where we can see across London.” 

The organizers expected around one million people in total, from those attending within the Gherkin, to others interested that are living in different countries to join in the meditation sessions all throughout the day. It was also live streamed globally for everybody to have the chance to join in based on the different time zones whenever they could. 


This isn’t the first time that Londoners made an event to celebrate World Meditation Day. In 2018, the iconic London nightclub Fabric also got in on the action, while many of their parks, wellness centers and yoga studios led guided meditation sessions. 

People who suffer from extreme stress in their everyday lives should make sure that they find the time out of their busy days to meditate, unwind and de-stress. It is recommended that meditating for at least 20 minutes a day, everyday will help clear the cluttered mind and promote better mental health. The best part about meditating is that one need not have previous experience, or formal classes to start the habit. You simply just have to sit in a quiet, comfortable space and close your eyes. 

Do you meditate regularly? 


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