Lost At Sea – The Mysterious Disappearance Of Disney Cruise Ship Staff

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Rebecca Coriam was described by friends and family as a vibrant and outgoing young woman. She was passionate about children and outdoor adventures, a quality that landed her a job at the Disney Cruise Ship, the Wonder. But things took a terrible turn one day when Rebecca mysteriously went missing while the ship was at sea. Initial investigations were immediately launched but the case was closed with unanswered questions.

Now, new evidence has emerged, contradicting key information from the original investigations.

What really happened? Did Disney officials cover-up Rebecca’s mysterious disappearance?

Born to live life to its fullest

Credit: The-Line-Up.com

Rebecca, or “Bex” as her family and friends fondly called her when she was just a little girl, was known for her tenacity and boldness. She was born in Chester, England in 1987. She was fun-loving and always wanted to pursue things that challenged her. She strove to be always the life of the party and she’s passionate about animals.

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