Lost At Sea – The Mysterious Disappearance Of Disney Cruise Ship Staff

The possibility of suicide

Credit: Cruise Mapper

The investigations didn’t consider the possibility of suicide before, but when clues began presenting themselves, such as the love triangle story, the phone call, the possibility of her experiencing homesickness, they began to hypothesize that she may have jumped overboard. But to Rebecca’s parents, the possibility of suicide was outrageous. It never crossed their mind, because they knew she wouldn’t and couldn’t harm herself.

She was surrounded by love

Rebecca was described by her friends and relatives as someone who was surrounded by love and who loved life. She was passionate about happiness, which landed her job onboard the “happiest ship on the planet.” She even bought tickets to Disneyland Paris for her parents for her next visit home, as later on discovered by the Coriams. Which was why the Coriams dismissed the suicide theory as highly unlikely.

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