Love Unforgotten – How A Man Made His Woman Love Him Despite Losing Her Memory

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They say love conquers all. Then, there are those out there that don’t believe in it all. But there are also those that prove to us that what is pure and true still exist in this world. Jessica Sharman and her boyfriend, Rich Bishop, have gone through the worst. While some couples would have thrown in the towel and walked away, these two stuck it out. They’ve shown us why they were meant to be together. Like most people out there, they started going out, thinking that things were perfect.

Then, tragedy suddenly struck.

Years Ago

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Jessica suffered from frontal lobe epilepsy since she was 14 years old. When she was first diagnosed with it in 2010, she knew that she always needed to be careful. She would have an epileptic attack at the most inopportune times. No one knew when it would strike, but for her, she simply had to live her life to the fullest.

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