Made in Japan: Witness the World’s Most Mesmerizing Gravity-Powered Sound Machine

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Nature’s beautiful and magical sounds fill our daily lives even if we fail to notice them as they are often drowned out by the constant noise of the busy city. Much like the air we breathe, these sounds breathe life into our existence, feeding our souls and enriching our minds.

The Earth plays a symphony of its own and we are invited to enjoy the show If only we could filter out the beautiful voices of nature from the constant drone of city noise. Cancelling out the unwanted sounds around us, we would again be able to appreciate the songs of the wind, the whispers of the rustling trees and the drumming of rain on the thirsty soil. Man, also part of nature, is also gifted with the creativity to make beautiful music. This ability, when married with the Earth’s, forms something so inherently beautiful that words alone could not describe it.

Source: Youtube

In 2012, in a move to separate themselves from modern technology, a team of Japanese visionaries led by Morihiro Harano set out to create something organic that married man’s creativity with that of nature’s: A Xylophone designed by the ingenuity of man, made out of the bounty of nature, and played using the power of Gravity.

Source: Youtube

The xylophone, fashioned out of wood by talented carpenter Mitsuo Tsuda and tuned by sound engineer Kenjiro Matsuo, played out Bach’s Cantana 147, complete with instrumental transitions and tempos intact. The mesmerizing sound of the xylophone’s keys as a tiny rubber ball slowly plunked on them is the perfect contrast to the forest’s silence, truly a performance to hear and behold.

Watch the calming and soothing video below.


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