Make-A-Wish Gifts 7-Yo Treehouse That’s Wheelchair Accessible [Watch]

All Hayden Trigg wanted, like most 7-year-old boys, was a treehouse he could play in with his friends and siblings. Unfortunately, he is confined to a wheelchair because he was born with both spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

One might think the story ends there, but thanks to Make-A-Wish Foundation and a local contractor, Austin Tree Houses, etc., Hayden was recently gifted the treehouse he desired.

ABC News reports that the foundation learned of the young boy’s plight and wanted to make his dreams come true. Through the rainy season in Texas, the contractors worked to build a wheelchair accessible treehouse between the 200-year-old oak trees in the family’s backyard.

Adrienne Trigg, Hayden’s mom, told the press:

“It’s leveled the playing field for him. He goes outside but cannot play, but that will change this summer.

Credit: Make-A-Wish Foundation
Credit: Make-A-Wish Foundation

When the treehouse was complete, Hayden invited his entire first-grade class over for the ribbon cutting and an afternoon of fun.

“It was the best day of his life,” said Trigg. “His wish was to share it with his friends. He’s got to be the most popular kid in school right now.”

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