Make Visiting London A Breeze With Luggage Storage

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When visiting London you want to make sure you can fully enjoy your time in the city, no matter what you’re doing. In most cases this will mean finding some handy luggage storage options, often called “left luggage” in London, where you can safely and securely store your luggage, bags, and other personal effects until you’re ready to bring them to your hotel or travel arrangements.

While there are countless options for luggage storage in London, they aren’t usually the most visible or advertised services or locations, often leaving travelers lugging around their baggage simply because it’s easier than finding a place to store them. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best places to store your luggage while in the city, no matter how you get there or how long you’re staying.


Why Does Luggage Storage Even Matter?

In most cases, it’s simply going to be a question of convenience, because most visitors or tourists will not want to drag their baggage and personal effects around with them while they take in the sights and experiences of London. Similar situations may be that you arrive early and cannot check into your hotel or Airbnb for a few hours, or on the tail end of your journey, if you need to check out of your accommodations but don’t have travel arrangements until later that day.

Additionally, in some cases, there may be a prohibition on taking your bags into certain attractions, like the British Museum or the Emirates Stadium. If you planned on taking in some sports or indulging in a museum visit, neither one will let you bring your baggage in, so you’ll need to find somewhere to safely store it.


Store Luggage Right At The Station

One of the most popular options for left luggage is to store it with one of the left luggage services at the main transport hubs in London. Whether you’re at Euston Station, Paddington Station, or King’s Cross Station, there are several choices before you even hit the streets. If you’re getting into town at the airport there are also provisions for left luggage there, and nearby.

In King’s Cross, the left luggage service is near the entrance to platform 9 and has long operating hours for those who need them. Accepting left luggage and pickups from 7 am until 11 pm, they also offer options to book space ahead of time online. This is particularly handy for heavy, large, or high-value bags. In Euston Station, the luggage storage services are at platforms 16, 17, & 18, and at Paddington Station, it is located at platform 12, with both locations having the same operating hours of 7 am to 11 pm.

There are also Excess Baggage Company locations at nearly all London airports, namely Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick, Stansted, and London City Airport. While these are incredibly handy, they also tend to be some of the more expensive options, with some bags costing up to £5 per two-hour increment, as well as daily and even weekly rates.


More Convenient & Affordable Options

There are also several luggage storage websites and apps that work with countless local business partners to provide safe and secure baggage storage for travelers. Bounce and LuggageHero are two of the most well-known, and aside from the costs, they both operate in a very similar way.

You download the app to your smartphone and make sure your GPS and location services are enabled, then start the app and locate the nearest or otherwise most convenient options to store your bags. The advantage to this method is that while luggage storage at your arrival or departure terminal is convenient for bags that are traveling with you, most people do not have accommodations close enough to the terminals to make it convenient.

That’s where the luggage storage apps are far more convenient. If you store your luggage at the terminal, you may have accommodations a kilometer or more away, meaning at some point you’ll need to get all of your luggage from A to B. This can make the often barely-considered choice of using left luggage at the station to be an incredibly inconvenient option later on. With app-based left luggage options, you may find that there is a store on the same block as your hotel, giving you nearly instant access to your baggage.

While some services will charge as much as £1 per hour, some are far more affordable for those that may need to leave their baggage for a day or two. One luggage storage app will let you store a bag for just £5 for the first 24 hours, making it one of the most budget-friendly options in the whole city.


How Does Luggage Storage Work?

If you are using luggage storage services or facilities in the airport to train station, the process is fairly straightforward. You’ll show up with your bags and items, let the agent know how long you need to store them, and they will give you the total due. Once you have paid and are storing your luggage, they will often provide some sort of security band or other tamper-evident devices that are affixed to your items to keep them secure. Once your time is up you will need to claim your items immediately or risk additional fees.

For the app-based services, the process is a little easier and much quicker. Once you’ve located the luggage storage facility you wish to use, you will book it in the app, reserving space for the number and size of bags you have. Some will allow you to pay in-app, providing you with a confirmation method to show the agent at the storage location. You’ll arrive and, being ready, you will often be able to immediately affix your tamper-evident luggage seals, store your items, and be on your way. If more time is needed, you can arrange for such in the app.


Reduce Your Stress Considerably When Visiting London

Worrying about luggage or having to tote it around with you throughout the city can be taxing, and it can prevent you from experiencing some of the greatest sights on your vacation. Take the stress out of it, and let professionals keep your items secure until you need them, so you can enjoy London to the fullest.


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