Man Builds His Own Wind Turbine Using Recycled Plastic


Renewable sources of energy make for great investments. However, investing on one does take time because many that are available in the market now cost money. While the return of investment is wonderful, starting this route means you have to dig deep into your pocket.

More importantly, renewable sources of energy require the right kind of knowledge when it comes to building these. However, one man decided to make his very own wind turbine and was able to successfully do so with the use of recycled materials that came from his backyard.

In Lebanon’s windy northwest governate called Akkar, a man who’s a literature student wanted to generate power without using fossil fuels. So, he taught himself engineering because he wanted to build a wind turbine on his grandmother’s rooftop. He worked hard for this and simply relied on the new things he learned to achieve this project.

Why did he feel the need to build his own wind turbine? That’s because their government-supplied electricity was more of a nice theory. In fact, reality was a far cry. Residents of the area have, in fact, resorted to solar panels just so they can enjoy electricity. The panels have become so ubiquitous in the region that you’ll see them practically everywhere.

The 25-year-old Mohamad Sabsabi wanted to take a different route and made use of old water drums, steel beams, and a cart wheel. He gathered all the materials needed in order to build a wind turbine to take advantage of the wind the region gets as soon as the sky becomes covered in clouds.

Sabsabi is a French literature student. He dropped out of university when hyperinflation happened, making it difficult for him to meet the fees required to stay in school. Without anything but his drive, he turned to YouTube videos, books, and scientific articles so that he can make a working turbine that can successfully produce electricity for his home.

He obviously was able to do so with success and he’s hoping for a north-Lebanon wind industry to continue his project in the wake of his invention. More importantly, Sabsabi said that he also wants to share the precious electricity to his neighbors who will also benefit from it.

Those who don’t have solar panels are left to deal on their own, without power for practically the entire day, except for the 1 or 2 hours that the government is able to supply them with some. As for the wind turbine he’s made, this was out of scrap that came from electrical components. This could prove to be an easy solution for many of the folks in the area.

“I don’t know how long it’ll take but I’m optimistic,” Sabsabi told L’Orient Today.

He’s hoping to catch the attention of anyone interested. Corporations and people who can help should know that many are in dire need of power in order to lead more comfortable lives.


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