Man Claimed He Was Dying Of Cancer, But He Was Actually Getting Married To Someone Else


One of the most commonly used bible verses in a wedding is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, which talks about love. And anyone who knows what it’s like being married also knows that it takes hard work. Michael Eels must have been an incredibly hardworking man. He had been married twice, but the problem is, his marriages happened to be at the same time.

Find out how his two wives realized they happened to be married to the same man, and while justice may have been dealt, in their eyes, it just wasn’t enough.

Michael Eels From Eastbourne


Michael Eels was a 59-year old man who was living in Eastbourne, England. He had been married to his wife, Andrea, for quite some time and the two had three lovely children together. Andrea also believed that they were in a good and stable marriage. But her life was going to get turned upside down soon.

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