Man Disappears Only To Be Found 5 Years Later… But His Story Doesn’t Add Up…

When people go missing, the best possible outcome is that they reappear unharmed, after having strayed somewhere too long or run away and come back of their own accord. Many people who have had loved ones go missing say that after a long period of time, they almost wish that at least their body would be found if it turned out that they were dead because the closure is the next best thing. Oftentimes, teenagers and women go missing and the assumptions about what happened are harrowing but obvious; however, how about when an adult man goes missing? And what if that adult man possibly suffers from mental health issues? These are the exact questions that Anton Pilipa’s family grappled with when he suddenly disappeared in 2012, seemingly without a trace or reason.

As it turns out, Pilipa might have had a very compelling reason for leaving and an exciting story of what he did for the five years he was gone, but naysayers are questioning what’s real and what’s fake in his now-released account of what happened.

Read below to find out more.

In 2012, Anton Pilipa, a Canadian man in his early 30s, was just trying to lead a normal life while getting help for a mental illness. Doctors suspected that he suffered from schizophrenia and were treating him for this beginning in 2011 when something unexpected happened.

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