Man In Coma Doesn’t Respond To Anyone Until His Dog Shows Up For A Visit [Watch]

Credit: Deborah Del Sere

When Giovanni Del Sere collapsed from a heart attack, perhaps the one most devastated by this sudden incident was his dog, Nancy, that he was walking at the time. Though paramedics arrived in time to save the 73-year-old man’s life, he fell into a coma from which he would never recover.

Credit: Deborah Del Sere

As the ambulance rushed away with Giovanni, Nancy stayed behind with Giovanni’s daughter, Deborah, who is a dog lover and knew she could help mend the little dog’s broken heart. As her father’s health continued to dwindle because of lack of response while in his coma, Deborah became sad at the prospect that Nancy would never know what happened to her dad and get closure. Since Nancy faithfully continued to wait at the door for her dad’s return, Deborah knew she was still confused and in pain from the sudden loss of Giovanni.

Credit: Deborah Del Sere

Fortunately, Deborah soon found out about a program at the hospital where her dad was being treated that allowed pets to visit their loved ones. She brought in Nancy, who was extremely happy to see her dad, and the most amazing thing happened: Giovanni seemed to respond to Nancy’s presence in a way he had never reacted before.

While Nancy wagged her tail and stood by her dad’s side, Giovanni’s body began to move in gentle convulsions, which is something that had not happened the entire time he was in a coma. His face also took on an expression that looked like he was crying, Deborah told The Dodo. She added,

“She stayed close and kissed my father. I like to think that was him saying, ‘Hello little one, now we can say goodbye.'”

Credit: Deborah Del Sere

The moment was sweet to say the least and truly speaks volumes about the positive effect animals can have on humans and vice versa. Animals are a part of the family if we let them be and can take up a huge part of our hearts. Unfortunately, Giovanni is not expected to ever wake up from his coma and Nancy has found herself a permanent home with Deborah, though the visit seems to have lifted her spirits. It seems that she gained some closure after seeing her dad one last time. As Valli Calzavara, the person who coordinates the pet program at the hospital, said,

“It benefits both patients and pets because the human-animal bond is one of pure and inseparable love.”

Watch the video below to see a portion of the sweet reunion.

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