Man Makes DIY Solar-Powered Tricycle In His Own Garage


When it comes to sustainability, people are starting to see the value of solar-powered vehicles. These save on gas and energy while making sure you are able to go places. Unfortunately, these don’t come cheap. People have been required to shell out a sizeable amount of money to get their hands on one.

While some people are able to afford to take the sustainable route, most don’t have the means to do so. Hence, what one man did was make one for himself. While this may not look as fancy as the ones sold in the market, it does its job well enough.

No gas? No money? That’s okay. For one Stockton CA inventor, he was able to build his very own solar-powered tricycle. This has gotten the attention from people who have seen it and they’ve admired his tenacity and resourcefulness. That’s because he didn’t get this from a store. He built it himself using the things he found in his garage.

Milton Butler invented his very own solar-powered trike. This vehicle makes use of two batteries and a small electric motor that’s all placed in a normal plastic storage bin in order to provide power to the three bicycle wheels. This simple model enabled his family to save money on $5.00 per-gallon gasoline, which is especially crucial nowadays.

Butler said that he was able to build this contraption by basing it on something he dreamed about. He also had things scattered around in his garage, items that were just sitting there.

“I’m an inventor and that’s all I know how to do. I invented something that people can use everywhere,” said  Butler when he talked about his amazing idea. “It came to me in my sleep and I saw how the sun is always out, so I went and got my boys and we built something that we can use from the sun.”

Butler talked to KCRA in detail and said that a friend of his asked about the trike because he knew a man from the other side of the world in The Philippines. His friend said that the man complained about the rising price of gas which was $11.00 per liter while getting 14 hours of sunlight each day.

In December, Butler had hoped to drive the “Duckie” (his nickname for it) downtown to the city hall. His goal was to showcase his newly-patented device to those who were willing to listen to his new ideas.

The name Duckie comes from his late wife who did “everything perfect,” according to Butler. Right now, Butler is in the funding and development stage and he is currently in search for investors who are just as committed as he is in making this world a better and safer place.

With the right backup and encouragement, Butler’s idea could finally become a reality and his trike will hopefully become available to those who need it the most.



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