Man Makes Floating Suit From 1,150 Corks And Surprises Family With Launch In Lake Michigan

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A man surprised his family with a one-of-a-kind floating suit made from 1,150 corks.

64-year old Kerry Haulotte took three years to build his creation, which he did in complete secrecy until it was ready for its maiden voyage where he claimed “it performed flawlessly.”

The suit was meant to be just a gag for his family in order to have fun while out on boat trips, but the video of Haulotte launching himself into Lake Michigan went completely viral, getting 500,000 likes and 3 million views. And Haulotte wasn’t the only one trying it out. Friends and family took turns trying on the cork suit to see if they could float around in the water as well.

The suit, which was made by drilling 3,450 holes through a thousand plus corks, weighed 13 pounds by the time it was finished. And Haulotte also shares that he didn’t want to tell anyone from his family about the project because he was worried it would fail.

He told SWNS news, “Other than my wife Jamie, I kept the project a secret for the entire creation time, fearing that I may not finish the project or that it would be a massive failure.”

And when he finally revealed it to his family, they were totally amazed by his innovative creation.

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Haulotte’s stepdaughter, Haley, who was the one who posted the video shared, “This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!”

According to Haulotte, it was an ‘on-again and off-again project’ that took between 120 to 130 hours to complete.

He said, “I admit I was afraid people would think I was absolutely nuts, and while that may be true, it turns out people really loved it. It has put a smile on the face of everyone observing, and all that have floated in it. Incidentally, it has been signed and dated by everyone who has floated in it.”

28-year old Haley also shared that what surprised him the most was just how ‘kind’ people have been with their comments online.

She said, “I was worried the online community would be rude, but everyone has been hyping up my stepdad, which I absolutely love to see. He is one of the most humble, creative, and interesting people I know. He deserves all the recognition, love, and support. I couldn’t have gotten a cooler stepdad.”

You can see Haulotte’s video here:



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