Man Opens “Charity Fridge” to Encourage Donations to the Needy

By: John Vibes,

True Activist.

Image Credit: Flickr / MohamadAlarefe
Image Credit: Flickr / MohamadAlarefe

A resident of the northern Saudi city of Ha’il was recently praised on the internet for an inventive act of charity that he made to help his local community.

The man’s identity has remained anonymous, but his act of charity is inspiring people all over the world. He actually installed a large, commercial sized refrigerator on his property for his neighbors to use to for both donations and pick ups. The story went viral when a famous Muslim cleric named Sheikh Mohamad al-Arefe made a post to his twitter page about it.

“I’ve always said the people of Hail are generous. A man puts a fridge outside his house for leftover food; an indirect act of charity for the needy. Oh how I love you, Hail!”  He said to over 8 million Twitter followers.

The post instantly went viral and got many people thinking about what they could do to help in their own communities. Some people apparently even set up similar refrigerators in their neighborhoods.

“That is exactly what we needed: A simple, but bright idea that goes a long way in helping people,” a Twitter user named “Sniper” responded. “The idea should now be adopted and all large mosques in the country should place fridges to take and distribute food.”

Salah, a man from Bahrain suggested that the idea be implemented across Bahrain for Ramadan.

“It is a great act of charity that can make many people happy and satisfied,he told Gulf News. “There is the food factor, but there is also the spiritual dimension, especially during the sacred month when people engage deeply in acts of charily.”

A blogger named Abdul Rahman had a more specific idea in mind, he proposed that people everywhere install these refrigerators outside of their houses.  He suggested that this become a widespread and decentralized global trend.  Something like this is very possible and is actually a very good idea.

While it is rare for acts of kindness like this to make the news, things like this are actually taking place every day all over the world.  Oppressed people everywhere are beginning to realize that they are capable of solving the social problems that plague their communities.

If this man were to wait around for the government to help the poor, he would have been waiting a long time.  Luckily he had the courage and the initiative to get involved, and become the change that he wanted to see in the world.


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