Man Quits Job To Feeds India´s Homeless

Narayanan Krishnan worked in a luxury hotel in India. But every day, in his hometown of Bangalore, he saw dire poverty. The crunch came in 2002, when Krishnan saw an old man eating his own faeces to survive. He decided he had to act. Krishnan quit his job, and began feeding the hungry and homeless right away.

Not only does Krishnan provide food, but he also bathes the needy, shaves them and cuts their hair, because, as he points out: “For them, to feel psychologically that they are also human beings, there are people to care for them, they have a hand to hold, hope to live…Food is one part, Love is another.”

He talks about the objections to what he is doing from others in his Brahmin community: India still has a caste system and the Brahmins (priests) are the highest of all in Indian society. As Krishnan puts it: “Brahmins are not supposed to touch these people, clean these people, hug these people, feed these people.”

His awesome response to these out-dated ideas? “Everybody has got 5.5 liters of blood. For me everybody is the same.”

Krishnan is quite possibly the most inspirational man we´ve ever come across. He ends his story with a beautiful, simple and true comment:

“What is the ultimate purpose of life? It´s to give. Start giving. See the joy in giving.”

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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