Man Serves Food To The People Of Gaza With A Solar Powered Oven

solar ovenKhaled Bashir, a Palestinian man from Deir al Balah in the Gaza Strip is helping his neighbors cook fresh, hot food with a DIY solar-powered oven.

Sadly, the residents of Gaza face daily food and water shortages, along with constant power outages, which make it nearly impossible to complete the average day-to-day tasks that so many people in other environments take for granted.

Even simple things like cooking food can be an extreme challenge, so to help with this struggle, Bashir has made a solar oven and is sharing it with other residents of the Gaza strip.

When he was younger, Bashir traveled to the University of Pretoria in South Africa, where he earned a degree specializing in renewable energy. Years later, he was able to use that knowledge to help his community.

“This oven is better than an electric or gas oven. It uses natural energy that doesn’t cost anything and is available in Gaza year-round. Solar cooking helps keep the flavor and quality of the food, and it never burns, because the sun is in constant motion,” Bashir said.

“I’m not doing this for profit, I want to see the young people of Gaza turn to alternative energy. My house is open, and I’m willing to share my knowledge,” he added.

According to Gaza Gateway, Bashir has created over 20 solar ovens, most of which are used by his neighbors. He even gives instruction to his neighbors so they can build their own ovens independently.

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