Man Takes Junked Cars And Fixes Them For Free To Give To Those In Need


A man with a heart of gold has been deemed a hero in his hometown, and for a very good reason at that. Eliot Middleton from Awendaw, South Carolina has been changing lives, one car at a time.

Apparently, Middleton is simply just following in his father’s footsteps. As a boy, he used to watch his mechanic dad fix cars. And now as an adult, he’s taking junked cars and turning them into working machines, but rather than sell them, he donates them to people in his small rural town who lack transportation.

Apparently, the town of Awendaw has a major lack of public transportation, which means that people can’t simply hail a cab, ride a bus, or call for an Uber when they need to. This makes it much harder for those living in the area to find suitable transportation, especially if they have physical conditions or even children.

Middleton happens to own a barbecue restaurant in McClellanville named Middleton’s Village BBQ, but like his father before him, he’s an incredibly skilled mechanic. So in his spare time, he fixes and rehabilitates old cars which he donates to residents in need. Incredibly, since last September alone, he’s managed to give away 32 cars.

Since buying junk cars is still expensive, he would actually offer a plate of ribs from his restaurant to anyone that was willing to give up a broken and decrepit car for him to rehabilitate. He also launched his own online fundraising campaign via GoFundMe to help out with the expenses.

Middleton shares about the reason behind his mission, “You don’t have a car, you don’t have a career. How will people who have no reliable buses, no Ubers, travel to the city where they would be able to find bigger jobs at the port authorities or manufacturing centers? They can’t walk 40, 50, 60 miles to great jobs – they have to settle for small-end jobs that pay well below what they need to survive.”

As the news of his incredible kindness began to reach the media and eventually aired nationwide on television, he started to receive tons of donations in both cash and cars. In fact, he was given more than 800 cars to fix in total.

Middleton shared in a report with CBS, “My phone started exploding from all over the place.” And he also has quite a following on his Facebook page which is called Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation, which his sister helps him organize.

Middleton’s Gofundme page talks about his goals, which “helps folks in need of transportation!” The monetary goal to raise is $150,000 and since he first started, he’s already made $137,390 from at least 2.1K donors. And a number of those who donated shared their encouragement and thanks, with many calling him a “blessing.” And aside from those leaving him sweet notes on the page, others even offered to help him and assist him with their own talents and capabilities. One such person even donated a flatbed truck in order to help Middleton move the donated cars from all over the country.

Middleton explained, “Whatever glowing feeling is inside me, it just transferred from that TV screen and went inside them. It’s soul-soothing.”

See him speak with CBS about his incredible endeavors in the video below.


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