Market Vendor Caught Selling Toxic Plastic Eggs To Shoppers

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An Indian shop owner was arrested last month after several reports emerged from consumers about the vendor selling artificial eggs. It’s as horrifying as it sounds; the shop owner, Md Shamim Ansari, was selling toxic eggs made from plastic to unsuspecting shoppers that strongly resembled real eggs and were even being consumed prior to his arrest.

Customer Anita Kumar is the one who lodged the formal complaint against Ansari, after she noticed that the eggs had a “plastic-like quality” to them after she spread them in the pan.

“I tested my suspicion by putting a match to it and it caught fire. The shell also looked plastic. I was sure that this was not natural and, being a mother, I felt I should alert the public,” she said.

Ansari was arrested in Park Circus Market and the Tiljala market is now investigating to determine if any other artificial food is being sold to the public. Stories of fake food being sold globally have emerged in recent years and many consumers that purchase imported food have begun to worry about the plausibility of whether their food could contain toxins.

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As for the Park Circus Market, KMC Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said,

“These eggs are being sold in the Tiljala market. As soon as I got to know about the complaint, I let the police know so that we can carry out checks of all municipal markets. I have also received some documentary evidence.”

The likelihood of these types of fake foods making their way into Western nations is low, but consumers from these countries that are worried about reports such as these should take a good, long look at the food that they’re already consuming. Many ingredients from foods currently eaten in countries like the U.S. are proven to be toxic, but are allowed in foods at certain levels deemed “safe” for humans. Even worse, many regulations from the USDA allow for American-produced food, like chicken, to be exported to undergo processing in other nations and then imported back to the U.S. with no further inspection.

It’s safe to say that fake or artificial food is already present on the shelves at grocery stores.

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