Married Couple And Research Team Develop World’s First 3D Printable Battery

3dprinted batteryThe Graphene 3D Lab, in Calverton, New York, recently unveiled the world’s first ever graphene 3D-printed battery. Graphene 3D Labs were founded by a married couple, who later brought on a team of researchers to help them with their vision.

The material that is used to create these batteries has been designed over the course of about five years.

Their formula is unique because it is so versatile that it can be constructed in any size and shape, and also contains all of the necessary requirements to store power.

If this invention actually makes it onto the market, it could radically change the world. 3D printable batteries would allow people to create their own power sources at will, which would without a doubt expand the capabilities of many already existing products.

“That is an exotic example, but a good one, a mission of that kind requires thousands of spare parts and dozens of different battery types. Our technology could remove the need to carry replacement batteries…There is a lot of excitement around graphene and we expect interest in our designs from several sectors including the military, aerospace and car industries,” Dr. Elena Polyakova, C0O of Graphene 3D Lab said.

“We have made the first prototype and proved to ourselves that this thing can work, now our plan is to offer the materials to consumers so they can print their own batteries,” said Dr. Daniel Stolyarov, chief technology officer and co-founder of Graphene 3D Lab added.

The new battery was shown at an event during Inside 3D Printing Conference, which took place in Santa Clara, California. However, it is not clear when this technology will actually make it to market, because it is still caught up in the patent process, which has been known to kill many revolutionary inventions.


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