Megatron Might Be A Bully, But Does He Make A Good Point About The Selfie Generation?

This transformer doesn’t like Generation X much. When a girl tries to take a selfie of herself with Megatron at Universal Studios, the evil robot gives her a piece of his mind.

“You will not receive a selfie so long as you stand before ME,” he booms, as the girl giggles into the camera. “With your ridiculous furred hoodie,” the robot shouts, getting a bit too personal. “When will you learn that your status updates mean zero, nothing- to anyone, ever!”

Luckily, the recipient of his attack doesn’t look too offended, which is great, because he has more to say:  “Use your mind, create new memories; interact!” He tells her, as she turns to listen to him for the first time. “Don’t just add it to a library of forgotten photographs!”

Ok, she says timidly. But Megatron still isn’t done. “Ugh, how disappointing your generation is,” he finishes, with a sad tone. For anyone who thinks this guy is a bit sexist (or was just having a bad day), it seems this is normal behavior from the film character. He really does hate selfies. The second video shows how he abuses guys too: “Ridiculous human. You have no friends on facebook.”

What do you think? Does this guy have an important point about our broader culture, or is he completely out of order attacking members of the public like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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