Men Who Have Transformed Their Bodies Proving Age Is Just A Number

Credit: Instagram

The two greatest fears of most humans are 1) public speaking and 2) death. Leading up to death, of course, is the aging process. ‘Symptoms’ of growing older, a biological process which, technically speaking, shouldn’t be feared, include wrinkles, decreased eyesight, graying hair and, in some cases, lack of mobility.

Of course, peoples’ dietary and lifestyle choices greatly affect how they look and feel as they age. Evidence of this is 80-year-old bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd, who defies norms by running every morning and training for competitions despite being almost a century old.

Other individuals who are challenging the status quo in terms of what one has to look forward to as they age are ten men, whose profiles follow. Each is combatting ‘ageism’ through their example, which is why their photos and backgrounds are being shared. 

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