Mexican Graffiti Crew Paints Over 200 Houses To Unite The Community

A graffiti crew from Mexico called “Germen Crew” recently painted over 200 houses in the district of Palmitas in Pachuca in Mexico, in an effort to beautify the community.

Surprisingly, the artists were actually invited by the government to come and paint the buildings, instead of being arrested like they would be in many situations. It was reported that there has even been a drop in crime since the buildings were painted.

According to the group’s facebook page, translated from Spanish:

We are a youth organization with over 13 years of experience in alternative forms of communication such as Graffiti , murals, Social Studies Research and Documentation. Work re-functionalizing public spaces, promoting a new form of murals that will contribute to the regeneration of our social fabric worn by construction and reinterpretation of the identity of the current citizen, strengthening our history and cultural practices.

Mexico again we want to position worldwide as a producer of mural art that have historically been for the benefit of our society and strengthening Pais. Under these concepts base and dynamic content that we developed in our projects, which consist of a set of actions that generate a sense of belonging, detonate coexistence and lead to the creation of cultural heritage and tourist attraction by dynamic ranging from graffiti, mural painting and documentary, to recovery and writing of current history, through strategies participation and integration of young people and the wider community with workshops and talks.

Below are a few photos of the transformation:

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