Mexico City Just Passed A Landmark Dolphin Captivity Ban

By: Good News Network  Mexico City is finally taking a stance on dolphin abuse.

A bill recently passed by the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City has banned the captivity of dolphins for entertainment, performances, therapy, and research.

The bipartisan legislation, which was hailed as a “landmark ban” by the international animal protection organization In Defense of Animals, took effect earlier this week.

The law was passed in light of the organization’s “Ten Worst Tanks” list of abusive cetacean facilities. Mexico City’s Six Flags park, which is renowned for housing the late ora from Free Willy, is ranked at number 6 internationally.

Though the fate of the two dolphins and two sea lions currently at the park is still unknown, In Defense of Animals is encouraging their retirement to an aquatic sanctuary for rehabilitation.

“This landmark ban will spare generations of animals from cruelty and sends a clear message that the public increasingly rejects dolphin captivity,” said Dr. Toni Frohoff, Cetacean Scientist for In Defense of Animals. “We thank Mexico City officials for recognizing our Ten Worst Tanks list and acting swiftly to end the abuse. We urge Six Flags to retire the dolphins at a seaside sanctuary where they may recover.”

“All parties, from rights to strong lefts voted just as one,” said dolphin advocate Yolanda Alaniz at a press conference. “Deputies recognized dolphins as sentient beings who suffer living in concrete tanks. Politics spoke with ethics, and marked a new way to follow for our country, and we will follow this path.”

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