Mexico Has Its First Cross-Country Hiking Trail, And It’s Filled With Rich, Mayan Culture

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Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula broke their record for most visitors in a year back in 2019, exceeding 3.2 million visitors that year. But with Mexico’s first long-distance hiking and cycling trail having recently been completed here as well, tourists from all over the world will be flocking in once more.

The community-focused tourist attraction and trail, which goes through the colonial haciendas, sacred cenotes, and other archeological sites, will give visitors a wonderful glimpse into the incredible history to Maya’s history.

Considering that most tourists travel to Mexico – Cancun in particular – with the 5-star hotels and impeccable beaches – getting them to visit the other history-filled areas isn’t always so easy, unless they happen to be history buffs.

But with the newly fixed Camino del Mayab, tourists will be flocking to experience the rich Mayan culture, history, food, and civilization. The entire hike is a 68-mile journey that hopes to aid in bettering the lives of the 14 communities of Mayan descendants that live along the trail.

The journey can take three days to cycle or five days to walk, those on the journey will begin in the town of Merida, then head to many abandoned haciendas. Much like the cotton plantation manors in the southern area of the United States run by Spanish families that grew a crop called henequen, which is a material used to make fibrous ropes.

These haciendas that are reminiscent of Mayan labor have long since been abandoned. Now they are used as camping destinations on the trail. It also passes through a number of Mayan communities, many of which have stores that offer a variety of handicrafts, as well as restaurants of which the food of the Yucatan and the Maya are said to be incredibly delicious.

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Moreover, there are cenotes, which are plenty of freshwater sinkholes all around. The Mayas believed that these cenotes were doorways to the underworld, while also performing a number of religious ceremonies inside, around, and above them.

All throughout the trail is also a jungle where various birds and other types of tropical animals are found, especially by those that look closely into the lush foliage.

It’s at the very top of the pyramid of Kulkulkan at Mayapán where the Camino del Mayab ends. Although there is still a trail that passes through the country roads which will lead them to the Ticul or Uxmal to see more of the beautiful ruins.

Although the Yucatan civilization collapsed during the 9th century and having become slaves in the 15thcentury, they managed to remain strong in the region. Since then, these locals have worked to keep their ancestral homes, animals, cities, foods and culture work for themselves, rather than being overrun by large hotel corporations.

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And whether you’re a lover of Mexico or not, or possibly one that enjoys these types of camino walks, the Camino del Mayab is definitely worth the time.


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