Michael Moore: Flint Doesn’t Need Water, It Needs A Revolution

Michael Moore holds a sign calling for Flint's governor to be detained. Credit: Michael Moore
Michael Moore holds a sign calling for Flint’s governor to be detained. Credit: Michael Moore

In a newsletter sent out to his followers, activist and documentary maker Michael Moore has called for protests and action against those responsible for Flint’s ongoing water crisis.

Praising the efforts of Cher, Puff Daddy, The Detroit Lions, Mark Wahlberg, and Pearl Jam in rallying together and raising awareness of lead poisoning in the city, Moore told fans that while the generosity shown to residents was overwhelming, there’s no real way they could help-  at least, not in the way they want to.

“Don’t send bottled water”, Moore pleaded. “Instead, join us in a revolt.”

“The reason you can’t help is that you cannot reverse the irreversible brain damage that has been inflicted upon every single child in Flint,” Moore began. He went on to outline the potential scale of the disaster caused by lead poisoning:

The damage is permanent. There is no medicine you can send, no doctor or scientist who has any way to undo the harm done to thousands of babies, toddlers and children (not to mention their parents). They are ruined for life, and someone needs to tell you the truth about that. They will, forever, suffer from various neurological impediments, their IQs will be lowered by at least 20 points, they will not do as well in school. That is what we know about the history of lead poisoning when you inflict it upon a child. It is a life sentence.”

Moore, the award-winning director of Bowling For Columbine, Sicko and Farenheit 9/11, pointed out that Flint’s residents have been unwittingly ingesting poison for two years now, and the only way to right this wrong is to stand up and make some noise against those in power, writing:

This is a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. [This] was done knowingly, enacted by a political decision from a Governor and a political party charged by the majority of Michigan’s citizens who elected them to cut taxes for the rich, take over majority-black cities by replacing the elected mayors and city councils, cut costs, cut services, cut more taxes for the rich, increase taxes on retired teachers and public employees. What we need in Flint – and across the country – right now, tonight, is a nonviolent army of people who are willing to stand up for this nation, and go to bat for the forgotten of Flint.”

He then lists some ways people can get involved with his search for justice, starting with demanding the removal and arrest of Rick Snyder, the Governor of Michigan. You can use the hashtag #ArrestGovSnyder, and sign Moore’s petition here if you agree.

Moore also suggests allowing residents to be evacuated if they wish so, bringing in glacial water for residents, and a call for FEMA to be brought in “in full force”- making an unusual request for martial law that certainly won’t be popular with everyone.

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