Millions Swore To Have These “Memories” That NEVER Existed

Perhaps one of the most fallible aspects of being human is our tendency to “misrecognize” people and things, or “misremember” the occurrence and order of events. There are times and situations when the facts seem different from what we thought them to be all along, making us wonder whether or not there exists a parallel universe where everything we think we already know is what it is but, well, not quite.

As if that’s not strange enough, there are instances when this phenomenon – which experts argue is a glitch in the human memory – is experienced by several individuals. This is called the Mandela Effect, a term coined by paranormal historian Fiona Broome after realizing that she, along with many others, had a false thought that it was in the 1980s that Nelson Mandela, South African president and human rights advocate, died – as opposed to his actual death in 2013.

Here are 30+ most notable examples of the Mandela Effect:

1. The Mystery of the “Monopoly Man”

The Monopoly board game created by Hasbro enjoyed enormous fame all over the globe. One of its iconic symbols is the mustached “Monopoly Man” in a nice black-and-white ensemble and top hat. Wait, is he that guy who wears a monocle? Nope, that’s false memory feeding you the wrong info—or perhaps a phenomenon called Mandela Effect happening to you—however you wish to view it. Rich Uncle Pennybags does not wear a monocle and may, in fact, have 20-20 vision to ensure excellent performance of his money management duties.

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