Most Famous Restaurant In London Cannot Be Found On Map – Here’s Why

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Any restaurant trying to get itself on the map craves for great reviews. The more positive reviews it gets, the more in demand it becomes. That’s people tend to go for what is popular. Oobah Butler, a freelance Journalist for Vice UK, always had a penchant for mischief. He wanted to learn more about the social dynamics that existed within UK’s site for restaurant reviews. A bad review TripAdvisor is tantamount to a death sentence.

Hence, he wanted to see if he could actually bribe writers and play his biggest prank to date.

Part of His Ploy

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This isn’t Butler’s first prank. In fact, this isn’t his second prank. He was always interested in exploring a public’s perception and how this affects personal views. In fact, he came up with a fake fashion designer’s name to see if he could bluff his way to the top of Paris Fashion Week. His other prank included faking his way into a game show to mess with the minds of the other cast members. He was, in one way or another, successful at it. But this latest one is his most effective to date.

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