Most Famous Restaurant In London Cannot Be Found On Map – Here’s Why

Gourmet Food

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Food was soon served. The diners ate spruced up microwaveable meals such as mac ‘n’ cheese. Wine and soup were served in random mugs while the rest of the servings came in simple plates. Just to make sure that they were all happy, Butler asked a friend to be the server and to ask each and everyone what they thought of their meals. It was time he learn what they really thought about the place.

Getting the Reviews

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Despite the freezing temperatures, the guests were very impressed with what they ate. They actually loved everything about the service, from the chickens running to the lackluster music. One couple actually commented, “ It’s different, a great concept, totally mystical, and we would definitely come back.” A guest even tried to make reservations for a future visit. The whole thing just blew Butler away.

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