Most Famous Restaurant In London Cannot Be Found On Map – Here’s Why

Testing Reality

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Butler had successfully tested society’s false reality. But according to him, this was actually no big surprise. Dulwich was peopled with individuals who liked to call themselves foodies. They bought into the image of the egg with ham, but the unedited picture was actually an egg resting on someone’s foot. This just proved one thing to the journalist: people actually lusted over a restaurant that was as outrageous as the one he had come up with.

Going Further

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Butler had to survive the onslaught of invites, sponsorships, and requests. Nonetheless, he wanted to take his prank up a notch. Getting featured was already a feat in itself, but he really wanted to make this restaurant a reality, even for just one night. So, with the help of his friends and some ingenuous ideas from his end, The Shed was going to be physically real.

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