Most In-Demand Professionals Right Now


Knowing what careers are currently in demand in the workforce can change a lot for anyone. It can move them towards the path for a better future and more stability, just by paying attention to the trends.

Having a professional advantage in the turmoil of today’s economy can completely change your life, protecting you from uncertainty and guiding you to success.

Why is It so Important to Choose the Right Career?

  • It saves time and money: if you pick the right path now, you’ll achieve your goals sooner and invest with a clear strategy.
  • It gives a clear purpose: being able to visualize success at the end of the road will motivate you to work hard.
  • It prepares you for the future: having a solid degree or skill in your arsenal is the best tool to face the challenges ahead.

What are the Best Sectors to Prepare For?

Before getting into the specifics of each career, look at some of the most successful fields of work to enter. These include:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Web Development

The top three are amongst the most stable job markets ever. They provide essential services which can be paid handsomely due to the large number of highly skilled professionals.

Which are the Most In-Demand Professionals Right Now?


Nurses used to stand in the background of physicians and are now beginning to receive the recognition they deserve. Nursing — and especially MSN degree graduates — are increasingly recognized as highly skilled, valuable parts of the healthcare system.

Nurses stay close to patients, administer treatment, and follow their development closely. They support most of the work done by doctors and effective treatment is almost impossible without them. They have become so valuable that states have started competitive “wage wars” in order to get nurses to come to their hospitals and clinics.

Another aspect to consider is what specialization you choose to do, as some have more demand and better pay.

Here are a few of highest-paid ones:

  1. Anesthetist – on average $167,950
  2. Nurse Practitioner (NP) – on average $107,030
  3. Clinical – on average $106,028
  4. Psychiatric NP – on average $105,658
  5. Midwife – on average $103,770

Choosing this career path requires an investment in education and hard work, but in return, you’ll enter a growing job market with the possibility to help others heal.

Private Teachers

This is a big trend for the coming years, as people negotiate how to send their kids back to schools and consider how education will look in the present and future. Private teachers, tutors, or educators will gain more appeal for families that will want to have control over where, how, and who teaches their children.

The advantages go beyond having your own private classroom at home or online. A parent can also have the power to decide other factors like:

  • Schedules
  • Curriculum
  • Evaluation
  • Discipline
  • Socialization

This type of oversight can give their kids an upper hand over the competition in the future and more autonomy for the whole family.

Front End and Back End Developer

You’ve probably been hearing about coding for years now but are wondering what it is. Coding is basically the language in which the internet is written and the developers are the writers of that language. Now you see why they are so in demand; they can put a website online and keep it working.

This is a newly developing field of work, but it’s rising fast and has many benefits like remote working and less formal education requirements. There’s no school of coding, but there are plenty of resources such as courses, apps, formal college degrees and even toys to help you learn to code. Plus, there’s a community online with a lot of knowledge to share. You’ll need to hone your skills with a combination of the above and create proof it.

Yes, that’s right. To start your career in web development, you’ll need to work for “free” at first — not for clients per se — and you’ll need to create a portfolio of webpages to show that you have the skills.

Here you’ll have the choice between:

  • Front End: writing code that trunks into the graphics of the page.
  • Back End: creating the architecture of websites.

Both paths are in demand and well paid, and even though there is no degree, you’ll need to work hard and spend tons of time online.

What’s Best for You?

Any decision about a future career must consider your own needs, wants, and skills because you’ll spend a lot of time doing the same things over and over. So, don’t forget to include all those factors when making your decision on what in-demand profession you’d prefer.

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