Most Stop Smoking Ads Don’t Work. This One Takes Things To Another Level

Anti-smoking advertisements rarely have any positive effect on heavy smokers. Even the most vile of videos tends to make a smoker reach for their cigarettes, which is the go-to aid in stressful times (including the stress of watching what you’re doing to your  body). No matter how many public awareness films are made on this topic, nicotine addiction is very difficult to break.

But that might change with this unusual (and horrifying) film. The Thai Health Promotion Foundation, along with experts from the faculty of medicine at Chulalongkorn University and advertising agency BBDO, created “Message from the Lungs” using tar that was collected from dead smokers‘ lungs. It was then turned into ink, bottled, put in public places, taken away and used as an art material. ‘Message from the Lungs‘ went viral around the country and the ink was a very powerful tool across Thailand.

To see why, watch the ad. It is grisly and shocking at the beginning, but moving when you see how many people were inspired by it. Where other videos have tried and failed to encourage smokers to quit, this one has a good chance of achieving its aim. Share with a smoker you know!

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