Mother Abandons Baby With Down Syndrome. Father Forced To Raise Him Alone


Sam and Ruzan Forrest were excited for their unborn child’s birth. But when baby Leo was born with Down’s Syndrome, a chromosomal birth defect that 1 in every 700 babies have, Ruzan didn’t want anything to do with him. Thankfully, Sam refused to abandon his child and he chose to keep him, just like what parents are supposed to do. Leo’s case become national news when Sam started a GoFundMe page to help him raise funds to bring home his baby to Auckland from Armenia, and that’s when Ruzan came crawling back.

Now people want to know, was it because of the money?

Sam And Ruzan Forrest


Sam Forrest from New Zealand, and Ruzan Badalyn from Armenia, met, fell in love and quickly got married in February 2015. Sam, who had previously been married, had separated from his first wife in 2011, after what was said to be a very ‘messy’ divorce. Supposedly, he had shared via email to some close family and friends that ‘he lost four innocent children’ and that it was because of the church the couple belonged to that led to the ‘deliberate break-up of a family.’

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