Mother Shameless After Having 88 Kids In Total – Says It’s Her Passion

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Those who find the one person who shares their same passions and dreams in life from early on are considered to be quite lucky. And for one amazing doctor and nurse, that shared vision would become the single most important aspect of their life as a married couple. They chose to give so much of themselves to so many children in need, but truly, they were the ones getting so much in return.

See how one couple chose to put the lives of 88 children with special needs ahead of their own, and how it made their life together full of a love unlike any other. 

Camille Martone

Source: Screenshot from Youtube

From the time that Camille Martone was a young girl, she knew what her life mission was going to be. She always knew that she wanted to work with those in need, more so children to b exact. She would eventually become a nurse, and pursue her life mission.

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